Tech Tips

| November 3, 2010

We know, some of this seems like tech talk.

That’s why this page is here. below you will find some descriptions and help in plain English that will help you get started Collaborating using 3 Steps quickly– read on!

In order to use the TV to collaborate with your peers, you will need to get it set up.

First things first, you need to power up, so place the TV near an outlet and plug in.

Next, you will need to figure out how your laptop connects – which adapter does it use? Don’t worry – there are really only two possibilities, but to answer this you will first need look at the following two images to figure out which one you need:

If you are looking at the side of your laptop and DO NOT see one of these guys staring at you, then you will need to use the adapter that came with your computer. Most likely you have a new Mac or a white macbook which use mac-specific adapters, but they are supplied when you buy the computer. just remember to bring it with you every time.

Now that the TV is powered and your laptop is plugged in, all you need to to is turn on and you’re set to go!